Spring Fashion Inspiration

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ciao everyone! I haven’t posted a fashion blogpost in a while and I thought it was time for one. I haven’t been able to do much shopping in Italy because I am broke, very broke. I have been looking on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration to make the most of what I got, and what I look forward to buying once I’m home and working!

First of all, two blogs I discovered in the last month are We Wore What and How do you Wear That. I think these blogs have been around for a while so I’m late and you may have already heard of them, but I’m so obsessed with their style. I follow a ton of fashion blogs but I think these two really reflect my style, or what I would like my style to be, lol. I started listening to We Wore What’s podcast and it’s so interesting to learn how she started, because I find her starting point to be similar to where I am now in life. It sounds so weird, but I’m also really excited to go home to work. I work at Anthropologie and love my job there, but also love the clothes there! I keep scrolling through Instagram and seeing their new arrivals and get jealous that I’m not home to buy them right now, lol.

everything about this outfit I love for Spring: mustard yellow, front-tie tops, jean skirts, small sunglasses, straw bags!! (insert all the heart eyes)

I’ve been loving the hair tie trend lately. I’ve been tying it like a headband lately but I’m definitely gonna try tying it around my ponytail like this soon.

my hair inspiration for Spring/Summer! I definitely want to do a lighter balyage like this when I get home.

I have been wanting flare jeans like this forever. I love how it is styled with the large belt!

I love the femininity of the polka dots and ruffles, I recently got a dress that has this same style!

I have a neck tie almost identical to this one and this outfit is so easy to recreate! And perfect for spring.

What trends are you guys loving for Spring?

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