Hot Springs and Wine Tasting in Chianti

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ciao, again! Like I said in my post earlier this week, the weather has been so nice here. I have been so used to rain and not seeing the sun here in Florence and the past two weeks have been mostly sun and 60 degree weather. Last weekend I didn’t have any weekend trips planned, but it was going to be super nice out so I wanted to do something. One of the abroad travel agents that I frequently book through, Florence for Fun, was offering an afternoon/evening trip to Chianti for a visit to the hot springs and wine tasting. The trip was under $100 so I instantly signed up and Julia from Fashioning the World joined me too.

It was a group of 8 girls in total and we had an older Italian guy named Vincenzo as our driver. It was about a 45 min drive to the Rapolano Hot Springs where we went first to relax. Luckily, the weather was tanning weather and we were able to lay out in the sun by the hot spring pools. There were about 5 pools which was nice because we were able to go to one where nobody was. We were there for 2 hours and then got back in the van to head to the Chianti Countryside for dinner. But first, Vincenzo brought us to a quiet vineyard that was next to the winery we were going to to watch the sunset and it was so cool.

The winery was so quiet and we were the only ones there besides the tour guide. She showed us how the wine is made and all the different steps it took. The winery only had red wine since we were in Chianti. We tasted a rosé, Chianti classico, Chianti, and amaro after dinner. We were given cheese, meat, and bread with the wine. Everyone else got a pasta dish, but I am really picky so I stuck to the bread and cheese. It was a really cool experience and we were able to have their wine shipped home to America if we wanted.

It was such an awesome day and the trip was so worth it. I wanted to do a wine tasting in Tuscany before leaving Europe and I’m so glad I did it this way! If you are interested in seeing more pictures from my time abroad, I post frequently on my personal instagram, you can follow me there!

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