Greece Island Hopping for Spring Break

Friday, March 30, 2018

Ciao everyone! I have been super busy these last 3 weeks so getting a blog post together has been difficult. After Paris, my friend from home visited for the week. I had midterms, and then spring break! I was island hopped around Greece for 10 days and got back Sunday night. Monday morning, my other friend arrived in Florence for the week! The semester is flying and it’s hard to believe it’s more than half way over.

The first day of spring break we took a bus to Ancona to meet the mini-cruise ship that would take us to Corfu, Greece. It was an overnight ride and we spent a lot of spring break on boats like these to get to place to place. I absolutely loved the Greece trip, but these boat rides were absolutely miserable. Each one was 8-24 hours sitting in a coach bus style seat. There were some restaurants on the ship but they weren’t that great and very expensive. We stayed at the Pink Palace in Corfu, where we had the best weather of the week and the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in so far. They greeted us with free ouzo shots, as they gave us ouzo frequently throughout the weekend. The first day we were there we went ATVing. The second day we were there it was so nice out so we were able to swim in the pool and lay out and tan all day. The weather was 60-70s in each town in Greece. That night we went to a toga party held in our hostel where they smashed plates on our head after giving us ouzo shots. The next day it rained all day so we didn’t do much before leaving for an overnight bus to Athens that night.

On Tuesday morning, we arrived in Athens. I didn’t expect to love Athens as much as I did! I had been told before that Athens was a little scary, unsafe, and dirty. Some parts of the city were definitely a little scary, but it’s such a big city and it’s really nice that there’s beaches too. We went to the Acropolis and walked around the city all day. We were happy to see an American Eagle here. That night, me and my friends went to a rooftop restaurant with a view of the ruins lit up at night. The waiter was so nice and gave us a couple round of free shots and dessert. We went to an amazing milkshake place after dinner and went to bed early for a 6am ride to Santorini.

Santorini was my favorite place I’ve been to so far! We got there Wednesday late afternoon and stayed in Thira. On the first night we went to watch the sunset in Thira before all going out to dinner together (by the way, I did this trip through a abroad student travel agent in Florence, so we had 3 tour guides and there were about 30 students). After dinner, we went to Two Brothers Bar, which is a very fun bar in Thira. The next morning I got coffee at a coffee shop near the hostel because I heard that Greek coffee is amazing (and it is!). We did an island tour that day to Red Sand Beach and the black sand beach, but it was so windy so we weren’t able to swim. We stopped at Pygros, as well. For the sunset, we went into Oia to watch the famous sunset over the white houses on the cliff. Little did we know, we were in the middle of an African sand storm, so the sky was golden yellow and it was extremely windy. Locals told us it happens every two years, but this is the most extreme they’ve ever had it. We went to Two Brothers again that night cause it was so fun the first time. The next morning me and my friend rode donkeys up the steps overlooking the cliff and shopped. The next 2 days were filled with traveling back to Italy!

The weather is starting to get nicer in Florence so there is so much more to do. My days have been packed and me and my friends barely spend any time in our apartments. For the rest of the semester, I am pretty much staying in Italy! Me and my friend that is visiting are doing a day trip to Cinque Terrre for Easter and next week I am going on a day trip to Chianti for wine tasting and the hot springs. My family is coming in the middle of April and were going to Rome, Cinque Terre, and Siena. The week after that I am going to Amalfi Coast for the weekend. The weekend after that is my last weekend abroad! I will be going to Munich, Germany for Springfest.

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