Interlaken, Switzerland

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ciao! I just got back to Italy from spending the weekend in Switzerland. I left at 9pm on Thursday and got to Interlaken at 6am. We stayed in a hostel that had an amazing view of the mountains. On the first day I went paragliding! To get there, we drove up a mountain and then walked a little to the edge. From there, we ran off the edge to paraglide. The view was amazing but it was very cold and made me very nauseous. However, I got some cool pictures! After paragliding, we got lunch at an Irish pub across from the hostel. The food in Switzerland was very expensive and not all that great. Each meal is 20 to 30 franks.

The next day we walked around Interlaken. I had some friends that went skiing but I wasn’t feeling great this weekend so I didn’t go but it looked like so much fun. We went to the Funky Chocolate Club which is a must see in Interlaken and I got hot chocolate. I bought some Swiss chocolate bars there to bring home. We walked to Lake Brienz and it was such a pretty view, but freezing temps. Interlaken is a resort town so there was not a whole lot to do other than activities like skiing and sledding that were very expensive. Some of my friends signed up to go kayaking in Lake Brienz but it was cancelled because it was too cold.

Overall, Interlaken was not my favorite but it was a cool experience. I think if I had felt better and went skiing I would have enjoyed it more. Early Friday morning I leave for Paris! Paris is the trip I am most excited about out of all of them because I am going for Fashion Week.

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