Hello, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hi friends,
Happy 2018! 2017 was a whirlwind, to say the least. To be completely honest, 2017 was not an easy year for me. Living at college did not work out for me and I was not happy there. Because of the benefits of the program I am in, transferring schools wasn’t an option for me so I commuted to school. There was a lot of things I liked about commuting, but I still do wish I lived at a school that I loved. Many friends that I cared so much about turned out not to be the people I thought they were and I had my heart broken completely unexpectedly. But, the important thing that I take away from a hard year is the growth that came with downs and upsets. I leave 2017 so much stronger than I ever thought I could be and learned the importance of caring for myself and putting myself first like never before. I learned that any friend or boy that hurts you and doesn’t seem to truly care will be sorry in the long run, even if it takes weeks or months. I learned that the best thing to do in a bad situation is keep pushing forward, putting yourself first, and the most important thing is to let yourself let go. I learned that it’s okay and actually very important to allow yourself to grieve and not bottle it up, but it comes a time where you need to pick yourself up and do your best to move on from whatever is hurting you. I learned that I deserve so much more than what I was accepting in friendships and relationships and that one day it will come to me, when I least expect it. I learned to not settle. And most importantly, I learned that time heals everything.

In 2017, I found a job that I absolutely adore and learned more about what I want for myself in the future career wise. I made it a commitment to take care of my body through fitness by making it a passion and obsession. I also made the decision to study abroad this semester (16 days, to be exact). This decision was so out of my comfort zone and looking back I am truly proud of myself for making this commitment. I am a serious homebody, like I did not even like living 45 minutes from home! Commuting was comfortable for me, I was able to see my family and dog everyday and still hangout with my friends from home on the weekends. I was able to keep the job that I love while still going to class. I realized that I shouldn’t be “comfortable” at 19 years old. I should challenge myself and do things that scare the shit out of me and take this once in a lifetime opportunity for myself when I can. I was in such a bad place with heartbreak at the time and I needed to do something solely to better myself and find myself and this was it.

That being said, I am now 16 days away from my semester-long journey to Florence, Italy where I’ll be studying my passion for fashion at Florence University of the Arts. I only know one other girl going, so I really am challenging myself to be as uncomfortable as possible! I’m spending these last couple of weeks in New England working and saving money for my trip and spending time with my family and friends. As you can tell by this post, Preppy & Posh will be a lot more honest and personal than before (again, out of my comfort zone!) and I plan on blogging my travels throughout the next 4 months. I’m attending fashion school so I will still be blogging lots and lots of fashion related content! In the mean time, I hope to make a post about what I’ll be packing and whatever helpful tips I’ve found through the packing process for anyone making plans to study abroad or just travel in general. Stay tuned!

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  1. 2017 was a rough year for me too! You learned some important stuff that is going to set you up for the future! I hope 2018 will be better for you! Best wishes!