What I’ve Purchased Lately

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! I wrote in a recent blog post that I started working at Anthropologie earlier this year. If you can’t tell by my Instagram outfits, I am a huge Anthro fan! I really enjoy working there and it has definitely taken over my entire closet. I didn’t even intend on making this post an “Anthro haul” and was really just planning on sharing what I bought lately and then I realized it’s literally all Anthro haha. A lot of the stuff I have purchased recently I bought multiples to give as Christmas gifts because they would all make great gifts for the women in your life!

Cinnamon Noir candle: This candle smells like absolute heaven! It smells sweet and sugary without making you hungry, which is always my problem. The pot it comes in is also absolutely adorable! It comes in another scent as well.

Portable phone charger: I grabbed this because I was given the advice that a portable phone charger was an absolute necessity for studying abroad! I was told that your phone battery dies a lot quicker than it does in the US when you’re in Europe and you don’t want to worry about not being able to capture pics. This would make a great gift and the pattern is adorable!

Buffalo Plaid Flutter Sleeve Dress: This dress is so extremely soft and comfortable that it feels like pajamas. I wore this when I worked Black Friday with a black fur vest over it and I was so comfy. This dress would be a perfect gift or outfit for holiday festivities.

Spotted Travel Wallet: I got this for when I study abroad next semester for obvious reasons! It’s great because it can hold your boarding passes/tickets, passport, currency, and other important travel docs all in one so you don’t misplace them and can have them all ready fast. This is a great gift for the traveler in your life.

Shiny Black Turtleneck: While assessing my closet I realized that I’ve neglected purchasing basics this season! I love a good turtleneck that’s on the lightweight side and this is it. The shiny details make it a perfect holiday outfit and it comes in another pretty color I’m crushing on. I plan on wearing this with the fur vest I also purchased at Anthro.

Velvet Burnout Kimono: I have been crushing hard on kimonos lately! Anthro has sooo many cute ones right now it was hard to chose which one I should buy. I love this one because I’ll definitely wear it throughout the spring and summer too.

Fur Vest: I am a big fan of adding a fur vest to almost every basic long sleeve during the colder months. I was iffy about this one at first but it grew on me! I love thats it’s like a cable knit sweater material in the back so it’s not as puffy.

Foot/Hair/Split End Therapy Mask: I purchased these in a kit and I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve heard people rave about them! I’m most excited to use the foot mask because it literally peels off your entire first layer of skin. My feet are pretty rough from running and the gym so I need this. This kit would make a great gift as it includes a nail therapy mask as well.

Pink Turtleneck Sweater: This sweater is everything! I’ve been on the hunt for a pink sweater and I bought this the minute I saw it. It also comes in several other colors, another great gift!

Reversible Eyelash Cardigan: This is definitely my favorite purchase out of them all! I get so many compliments everytime I wear this and it’s just sooo soft. I also love that it’s reversible so that makes the price justified.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Life Update

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being like the worst blogger ever this year! I have been so, so busy and so many exciting changes have been happening. Most importantly, I am officially studying abroad at the Florence University of the Arts next semester! I am SO excited for these next 4 months but also a little nervous. I am currently commuting to college this semester because I was not a fan of living on campus my first year at school. That being said, living thousands of miles away from home is going to be a huge adjustment in Florence! So lately I have just been preparing for this change.

In addition, I thought next semester would be the perfect opportunity to vamp up Preppy & Posh! I plan on blogging my entire experience in Europe and P&P will transform mostly into a travel blog. Obviously I will still be sharing lots and lots of fashion posts over there too since the style in Europe will be so different than back home. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have been posting more fitness related posts lately! Fitness has always been an important routine for me, but lately the gym has become such a sanctuary for me with the stress of a busy schedule. Getting a workout in has become my favorite part of the day and I’ve been very consistent with my routine for almost a year now! (Previously I’d go through ups and downs with my fitness, especially the downs in the summer time.) If you would like to see more fitness related posts on the blog, leave a comment below because I could do that too!

My goal is to remain as active in my time in Florence, I have heard lots of stories about the difficulties of remaining in shape while studying abroad. While I’ve accepted that I might not be as dedicated to the gym as I am currently, I plan on still making it a priority 5 times a week. One of the classes I am taking is called Yoga and Meditation and I’m prepared to be doing lots and lots of walking. Still, I am excited to indulge in tons of pizza, bread, and gelato!

Stay tuned for some gift guide posts soon! Here are some of my recent Insta updates:

These. Shoes. All the heart eyes please! They’re currently not available in the leopard print but they have been on REPEAT lately. For the price, they’re surprising very comfortable and I’ve been getting so many compliments on them. They are still available for 40% off for under $75 in 3 colors!

This jumpsuit is a NEED for the holidays!