3rd Blogging Anniversary

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hi everyone, long time no talk!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I have been pretty busy with school and work, but will try to post more this school year. I have tried to be active on my Instagram (which you can follow here). Tomorrow is my third blogaversery! Three years ago I was a junior in high school and posted my first blog post under Preppy & Posh (it’s pretty funny to look back and read now!). I have always had such a passion for fashion, but this year was when I decided that it was the path I wanted to take for a college major and career direction. I was working as a sales associate at The Paper Store, which is a chain gift store on the east coast, mainly Northeast. At this job, I gained so much knowledge on the retail industry. I loved reading other fashion blogs, which is what drove me to create one of my own. In high school, I was apart of Nordstrom BP’s Fashion Board, which in short was a place for high school students to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry. One day we were talking about social influencers and how blogging is their career. One of the ladies there mentioned McKenna Bleu, who became my style icon and inspired me to create Preppy & Posh!

Three years later, I now work as a customer associate at Anthropologie (one of my FAVE stores ever!) and am a sophomore in college studying Fashion Merchandising. So much has changed! When I started my blog, I was no where as near confident and open about my personal style and honestly thought about keeping my blog a secret for a little bit. As I said, I’ve always had a love for shopping and style, but I was definitely not one to mix patterns and take risks with my outfits. I pretty much stuck to basics, but still never liked to wear the same outfit twice! Now, my personal style has completely altered and I would describe myself as much more confident than three years ago. Blogging has been so fun for me and has been my way of getting my passion out to the world. Here are some of my outfits and posts I’ve shared over the last 3 years:

my first blog post, I still love this jumpsuit! The headband not so much lol

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Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats on three years! I loved looking through your photos of your outfits through the years - it is SO fun to see how people's personal style evolves.

    xoxo, Cecilia // sunnysidececilia.com

  2. Cheers to another fabulous year ahead!