How I Avoided the Freshman 15

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy motivation Monday everyone! Summer is coming fast and for some reason I’m always much better about my meals and workouts in the spring. Lately, I’ve been surprisingly good about not missing the gym, staying on schedule with my lifting days, and attending kickboxing classes! I am proud of myself because I was definitely nervous that I would struggle with this my freshman year of college. I had always been warned about the dreadful “freshman fifteen” and how it was not a myth! Prior to starting college, I was doing Crossfit over the summer, but was not as fit as I used to be because I was home all day for summer.

 I made it a goal to get back into full swing the start of college but it definitely didn’t happen! It’s hard to stay fit in college because you want to meet other people and make friends, so obviously you would rather go hangout with new people than go to the gym! You also have so much free time now, so it’s so easy to just sit in your bed with a bag of chips next to you and watch Netflix all day. In high school, I never had any free time being in school and working two jobs, so this was a shock to me and I truly didn’t know what to do with myself. While I did find myself having less motivation to go to the gym, I made sure to stick to these tips.

Eating a healthy breakfast: This is so important because you are starting your day on the right foot. If I have a coffee with no sugar and a low-fat greek yogurt in the morning, I tend to stay on the right track throughout the day for my snacks and meals. I’d always say to myself “You ate healthy so far today, don’t ruin it!”

Avoiding the Dessert Line: This was soo hard for me because pretty much the only food I liked in my dining hall at school was the desserts! It was the first thing I saw when I walked in and the last thing on my way out, so it was so hard to avoid but I managed to do it. I never even tried most of the things so it made me never crave it!

Use Your Free Time Wisely: Like I said, you will be surprised at the amount of free time you have in college. You may not have class everyday and it’s a completely different schedule than high school! It’s so easy to spend your days in your dorm all day catching up on social media and Netflix. Instead, go to the gym on campus, walk around campus, look up fitness studios nearby (they may have some type of student discount!), or get a job! This will take up your time in a positive way.

Keeping healthy(ish) snacks in your dorm: This was something I was pretty good at for the most part. When I would go grocery shopping for my dorm, I made it a goal to get healthy or healthy versions of my favorite snacks. For example, typical snacks I would keep in my dorm were Skinny Pop (my fave!), sweet potato tortilla chips, protein bars, carrots, celery, unsalted pretzels, and red peppers. This stopped me from eating unhealthy while lounging in my dorm.

Indulging When You Really Want to: Depriving yourself from your favorite unhealthy foods will just make you binge one day! Me and my roommate were obsessed with this pizza place near our school, so we always ordered it every once in a while when both of us really wanted it. We never let ourselves get too excessive and stuck to once every two weeks! I loveeee pizza and actually ended up eating it less in college because I hated the dining hall pizza and pretty much only ate it when me and my roommate would order it.

Taking advantage of the free school gym: This is so important! Most schools offer a free full gym for students when they dorm. People always use the excuse that they can’t get fit because they can’t afford a gym membership, well in college you don’t need the money for it! I recommend taking advantage of this because it is such a better way to make use of your free time and is a great stress reliever from all the exams and group projects thrown at you. I made it a commitment to go the my school gym once every day while dorming, and it was even easier for me because there was a second smaller gym in my own dorm building!

What do you guys do to stay fit in college?


  1. I wish I had used the school gym more during my freshman year. I gained the freshman 15 but lost it (thank god) over the next couple years!
    xo Jessica

  2. I wish I had stuck to these more back in college! I'm glad you avoided it.

  3. I put on the freshman 15 my first semester and then worked my tush off the second semester to get back into shape! Those late night food halls can be killer! LOL

  4. I only wish someone told me these things when going through college. It's so hard for college students to find that balance with their crazy schedules!

  5. These are all great tips! I was lucky enough and didn't gain anything during college.

    Amanda ||

  6. These are great tips...not only for your first year of college, but for different times in your life too! I'm convinced there's a "first year of marriage fifteen" also - hahah! It's wayyyy harder to stick with my healthy eating when I'm cooking for my hubby too (who's convinced every meal needs a starch)!

    - Kaitlin