Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I am officially moving back home and wrapping up my freshman year of college! I am so excited to say the least and it couldn’t have come any sooner, lol. To be honest, living at school was not for me and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would. With that said, I came home a lot when I didn’t have class this past semester and will be commuting to the same school in the fall. One thing I enjoyed about coming home a lot was making my own meals! If you guys watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I love routine and like to start my day by going to the gym and coming home and making a nutritional breakfast. I am very picky and am terrible at eating healthy since I eat very limited foods, so breakfast is my favorite because it’s so easy! 

I found this recipe on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and thought I’d try it out since I loveee pancakes. They were amazing! I wanted to share them with you guys because I’ve been making them so much lately for after my workouts. The recipe is also super easy and makes enough for a couple of days! This breakfast is perfect to try out this weekend also. This weekend, I plan on attending some kickboxing classes and getting some spring cleaning done! My bedroom has pretty much looked the same my whole life and has had no theme to it. So since I’m moving home for good, I wanted to redecorate the whole thing! So that’s pretty much my plan all weekend, lol. What are you guys up to this weekend?


Duster Cardi

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Abercrombie duster striped cardigan // Abercrombie peplum cami (comes in 7 different colors for $10!) // PacSun distressed jeans // Marc Fisher LTD wedges // Burberry sunglasses // Rebecca Minkoff crossbody // Kate Spade watch

Happy Wednesday everyone! I recently scored this cardigan and cami on sale Easter weekend when Abercrombie was having 50% off the whole store! I love how Abercrombie has reinvented themselves and I still can always find something I love there. These Marc Fisher wedges are just about my favorite shoe ever and I can’t wait for my other pair to come in! Have a great rest of the week :)

Blogger Interview

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you guys a recent interview I did for blogger Bree Fesh at Stark Raving Chic. It was an awesome experience to be able to get some advice from a more experience blogger and see what a day in her life was like!

H: How did you first start blogging?
B: From a young age, I always enjoyed literature and writing, as a kid I always thought I would be an author of some sort. Whether it was journaling, short stories, or research essays for school, I just loved writing. However, after I graduated college and first began working in my field of advertising photography, I stopped writing because at the beginning of my new job, I was just too consumed to do anything else but work. However, about six months after the excitement of my job at DSG corporate wore off, I began to feel incredibly uninspired and very bored with my life. So, I decided why not start a blog as a hobby, and that is how my blog, Stark Raving Chic, got started.

H: What are your favorite type of posts to write about?
B: Hmmmm, this one is tough. Though I do enjoy my usual “outfit of the day” posts, I’d have to say the posts that are the most fun for me to write are ones that are not about me, e.g. interviews, events, and posts about local boutiques. Personally, I just love meeting new people and all three of those categories allow me to do just that! I also like writing about those topics because until my run of the mill outfit posts, they feel less rehearsed when I’m writing them. Sure, I know each of my OOTD’s are different, but there are only so many ways to format an article about an outfit, where with an interview, an event, or checking out a new boutique, you don’t know what’s in store for you until you get there and that’s what makes it so exciting!

H: What’s your typical day as a blogger like?
B: My days honestly range from painfully boring to crazy eventful—there is no in between, at least in my schedule. I would say two days out of the week are “boring days” where I simply sit at my desk (or kitchen table because my one dog does not know how to go upstairs) and do run of the mill things such as answer emails, go over my blogging budget, plan out/update my editorial calendar, and watch mind numbing amounts of Bob’s Burgers, just because that’s generally what is on Netflix for background noise. However, the other five days, are dedicated to writing all of my articles, completing my photoshoots, editing photos, and attending meetings or other events. Though I don’t get much down time, I have to admit, that my boring days drive me bonkers, so I don’t think I could handle more than two!

H: What social media site that you use to brand yourself have you found most successful and why?
B: My most utilized social media site is my Instagram, though they all have their perks. The reason why I personally like Instagram so much is because taking photos is simply in my nature and Instagram is the most efficient way to share my photos that I take for my blog! However, the runner up site that generates the second most amount of traffic, would have to be Reddit. I mean, when you submit your content to “the front page of the internet” you’re bound to boost your traffic!

H: What do you enjoy most about blogging?
B: As I stated earlier, my favorite thing about blogging is meeting people and getting to interact with so many different personalities! I just think it’s so cool to be able to connect with others while doing what I love.

H: What do most people not know about being a blogger?
B: As I stated a few questions back, I feel like many people do not realize how much work actually goes into a successful blog. It is definitely a full-time job.

H: If you were starting out blogging again, what would you do differently?
B: I feel like I would have not rushed into it so quickly. Though my blog has grown into a success, there were totally some posts during the beginning that were either useless, not well thought out, or the photos were not up to par and should have been reshot, and quite frankly, those posts mad my brand look sloppy (obviously, these posts have since been removed after my revamp). So, I guess my advice to my former 21-year-old self would be to slow down and plan things out more—it’ll save you a lot of grief later.

Thanks for stopping by, xx.

Scalloped Red Tote

Monday, April 24, 2017

It’s crazy how much my wardrobe changes for spring - in the fall/winter the only color I wear is black and in the spring/summer I’m in color head to toe! I got this Kate Spade red scalloped tote bag last spring and I can’t put it down this season! Unfortunately, they do not sell this exact bag anymore but I linked some similar options. I love this denim dress for year round because it can be dressed cozy with boots and a sweater or for summer with sandals and some color! Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by. :)

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Instagram Roundup

Friday, April 21, 2017

It’s finally Friday! This week was especially rough because since I go to school in New Hampshire, I didn’t have Monday off for Patriot’s Day! Also, my whole family had the week off for April Vacation and I’ve been in class all week :(. For today I’m rounding up my recent insta posts because there’s been a lot! Lately, I’ve been just preparing to wrap up my freshman year of college. I’m so ready for the summer! It will be nice to not see any schoolwork for a while. In other news, I have recently received an internship as a style guru for College Fashionista for the summer! I am super excited for this opportunity and makes me anxious for summer even more. I also wanted to let you guys know that Tory Burch is having an amazing sale this weekend for up to 30% off! My sandals and bag are apart of this sale and you can use the code SPRINGEVENT in checkout.

Essential Accessories for Spring

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pop of Blue:
Oversized Sunglasses:
White Handbags:
Statement Earrings:
Spring fashion is by far my favorite out of all the seasons. I love all the different trends and bright colors! The best part is accessorizing a cute outfit to make it perfect. Today, I rounded up the spring accessories trends that I believe are essential for your wardrobe this season! I just bought my first pair of oversized sunnies and I’m too excited to wear them. I’m dying to get my hands on a white handbag but I’m too afraid that I’ll ruin it, lol! What’s your favorite spring trend?

Thanks for stopping by, xx.

Easter Weekend

Monday, April 17, 2017

I hope you all had a great Easter! I found this shirt at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago for only $15 and it was perfect for Easter. It ended up being 86 degrees here in Boston and I was sweating in this outfit! In April! I love the baby blue trend this spring, it makes me so ready for summer. Have a great week everyone!

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Perfect Pinstripes

Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Friday and thank god it’s the weekend! I’m so excited to go home this weekend and enjoy the nice weather. Tonight I’m going to the Red Sox game and I am so excited! I wore this pinstripe button down in a recent post and I styled it a different way here. I recently got this Kate Sade crossbody in a secret sale Kate Spade was having and it is adorable! It’s the perfect size because it is a little oversized and comes in many colors. I hope you all have a great weekend and a happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Shopbop Sale Picks

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have you guys shopped the big Shopbop sale yet?! This is the best deal I’ve ever seen on designer items! The sale is up to 25% off with the code EVENT17. If you spend less than $500, its 20% off! What a deal! I linked some of my favorite items for summer and I just want them all. I need these Tory Burch fringe Miller sandals, they are to die for!

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Bows on Toes

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How did everyone spend their beautiful Tuesday yesterday? It was so nice to have 80 degree weather in April, it was an automatic mood lifter! I had a field trip for one of my classes to Newbury Street in Boston and this is the outfit I wore. I saw these Sam Edelman slides on Instagram one day and immediately bought them. They are EVERYTHING. Under $100, super comfy, and no hassle slip on! They are seriously the most perfect shoes and are adorable. I paired it with this chambray dress I found at Forever 21 for under $20! Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock but I linked some similar options. Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by!

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10 Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! The weather is supposed to be beautiful today and tomorrow and I’m soo excited! I’m so sick of this winter weather lol. Not to mention it takes a toll on my skin! For today’s post, I rounded up my 10 beauty products I couldn’t live without in no specific order!

It’s a 10 Keratin hair leave-in: I recently bought this at Ulta not researching any reviews before and oh my gosh I love this stuff. I put it in when my hair is damp before I brush it and it makes my hair feel so soft and thicker. Bleaching my hair with blonde highlights for 6 years definitely killed my hair and this stuff finally made a difference.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream: I’ve been using this cream forever and it never fails! I lotion my whole body with it everyday when I get out of the shower. I have very sensitive skin so I love that there is no added scents or colors, just plain and works!

Redken Blonde Idol Purple Conditioner: I bought this conditioner from my hair dresser when I added ashy balyage to my hair last summer. Although it is pricey, I love it for when my hair needs that ashy boost because you can choose what level you want the purple to be (1 being almost no purple, 10 being completely purple). Great for blondes!

Marc Jacobs Crayon Eyeliner: After years and years of trying to find the right eyeliner, I purchased the full size of this after receiving as my birthday gift from Sephora last year. I love how it stays put, doesn’t bleed, and doesn’t fade throughout the day! These are all things that I had trouble with when I used to wear the Urban Decay eyeliner, which gets such great reviews.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: If you don’t already own this mascara, you need to! I have very short eyelashes so this stuff is my best friend. I use it every single day! It makes your eyelashes look very full and does not clump them together, so it’s a no brainer. It looks best on me when I use some sort of eyelash primer before.

Kat Von D contour palette: I’ve used this palette everyday for years and it is by far my favorite for contouring. It’s perfect for when my skin tone changes in the winter so I can easily just go to the next lighter color. 

Rodan and Fields Unblemish Regimen Face Wash: I wrote a whole post about this stuff here and if you struggle with acne then YOU NEED THIS. It is seriously what made my acne go away and never come back.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation: As I said before, I struggled a lot with acne and that has resulted in lots of acne scars that just won’t go away. Thanks to this stuff, I don’t have to worry about it! I have tried endless foundations and this is my favorite because of how buildable it is. It also doesn’t make me look orange and has lasted me a long time. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Lipliner in Liar: I have to thank the employee at Sephora that helped me one day for this because it is something I never would have bought if it wasn’t recommend to me! I was looking at the Stila lipstick I’m mentioning below and she immediately brought me this lipliner to go with it. They compliment each other so well and I wear this combo everyday.

Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in Coquille: My favorite lipstick of all time! The quality is amazing for a matte lipstick. I often stay away from mattes because of how dry they make my lips look but not this one! It is super creamy and a great formula. I love this color and will be buying more colors in the future!

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Weekend Casual

Friday, April 7, 2017

Finally, the weekend! Pinstripe patterns are huge this season, I’m a huge fan! This shirt is from a couple years ago and I love the oversized fit. I linked a couple other pinstriped tops below as well! I paired this top with my Adidas sneakers for a very casual look. This Kate Spade tote is also from last year, but they have a similar style this year which I also linked. Perfect for spring! I hope you all have a great weekend and looking forward to warmer weather next week!

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The “It” Shoes for Spring

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone! I know I usually do not post on Thursday’s and this is a late post, but I felt that I needed to share with you all that my favorite Marc Fisher espadrille wedges are on sale for 25% OFF! If you’ve been eyeing these shoes forever like I have, this is the time to get them! Unfortunately, the tan/saddle color is on backorder right now but that’s fine with me, I had to just order them. Over the years I’ve really turned into a shoe lover. I used to never care for them and was fine with wearing the same shoes all the time, but now I can’t get enough! For today’s post I linked my favorite “it” shoes for spring/summer. 

Vince Camuto Kensa Peep Toe Bootie: Perforated peep toes are soo in right now and I’ve been eyeing these ever since they were available on Nordstrom’s website. I’m a sucker for nude shoes for spring and these have everything that I love! I’m still waiting to justify that $150 price tag though :-/

Adidas Gazelle Sneakers: Are these not the cutest things ever?! I love my Adidas superstars and without a doubt neeeeed these blush sneakers for spring. These will be the next shoes I buy and they are under $100!

Jeffrey Campbell Rayos Perforated Wedge Sandals: Yet another perforated peep toe :/ but I swear by these shoes! I have last years version (the Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo Sandal) and I literally wore them alllll summer. I wore them to my high school graduation, every single grad party I went to, and just about every weekend. I wish I took better care of them because the color does not look as nice but they are so comfortable! Perfect shoe to wear to weddings or graduation events.

Marc Fisher LTD Adalyn Espadrille Wedges: Do I need to say anymore about these shoes other than they are on sale, extremely comfortable, adorable, and come in so many colors?

Sole Society Audrina Platform Sandal: These shoes stuck out to me because they are so interesting. I don’t own any platform sandals and definitely want to add these to my collection. They’re kind of a dupe for the Marc Fisher wedges except for the platform. AND they are under $100! I heard these sold out fast last year so get them while they're hot.

Tory Burch Miller Sandals: Hands down my favorite sandals I have ever purchased. I own them in 2 colors and adore them! They just released some new bright colors for summer, including this hot fuchsia. Extremely comfortable and worth the price tag!

Dolce Vita Wales Slide Sandals: Mules are in this season! I don’t own any myself but these shoes stuck out to me and look super comfy. I see myself buying these by the end of the season!

Bp. Abby Sandal: I love how fun these sandals are and how they’re an easy slide-on. Tassels and bright colors are great for the upcoming season and for under $50 you can’t beat these.

Steve Madden Irenee Sandal: These shoes aren’t my typical style but I love the heel on these. They would be perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up. Also under $100! I love finding a good shoe under $100 and need to try these out.

Sam Edelman Henna Slide Sandal: I just got these shoes in and ohh man do I love them. Super comfortable and the bow is adorable! I need the warm weather in New England to hurry up so I can finally break out these things! (Also under $100 :))

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