Best Buys of 2016

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy Saturday! This is a rare Saturday post, but I thought I would share my favorite purchases of 2016 while the year is still new. In sum, 2016 was the year I traded in all of my usual everyday makeup for some new products. I never put much thought into my routine in high school since I only had a short amount of time to get ready. This summer, I did a lot of research in quality makeup products and purchased quite a few. I also purchased a lot of staple fashion pieces that I use pretty much everyday!

I got these Ray Bans as a birthday gift this past year and wore them until they wore out, literally. The “Ray Ban” symbol eventually ended up fading off I wore them so much! I probably could’ve taken better care of them as well, but that’s besides the point. I love the gold rims on them and they were perfect for going on a walk or tanning at the beach.

I plan on writing a whole blog post about this product later this month, but this face wash is honestly a SAVIOR. If you have acne prone skin, then this is seriously the face wash for you. It is so worth it! I started using this face wash the beginning of 2016, and I think I can honestly say I will never buy a different face wash again! I use it with several other skincare products from the Unblemish Regimen from Rodan and Fields. Stay tuned for a whole skincare post later on!

A Sephora employee recommended this lip liner to me when I visited the store probably a month ago, and I have worn it everyday since. It’s amazing!

Previously to purchasing this contour palette, I was using my sister’s and had to buy it myself because it was so great! It’s perfect for winter and summer because it can match my pale skin and my summer tan. I use it everyday!

This foundation was also recommended to me by a Sephora employee one visit several months ago. I used to use Lancome’s foundation but needed a switch. I love how this Make Up Forever foundation blends so well with your skintone that at first I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing makeup! Another great thing about this product is that it is very build able for those days you need more coverage than others.

I received this lipstick as a mini sample at Sephora and ended buying the full size. It’s great for the summer time and it’s such a fun color! The quality is amazing and I love that it is so creamy. I plan on buying more colors!

After hearing amazing reviews about this mascara, I finally ended up purchasing it in the beginning of 2016. It’s truly amazing! I have realllyyyyy small eyelashes, so I appreciate this product a lot.

I got this Kate Spade purse as a graduation present in June and use it every single day! I actually own it in black but I couldn’t find a picture. You guys know how much I LOVE Kate Spade, and I think this might be my favorite out of the three I own. The size is so perfect for me!

I wore these wedges EVERYWHERE in the summer. I wore them to my graduation, dinners, vacations, and every graduation party I went to! They are super comfy and go with pretty much everything. Definitely my favorite fashion purchase of the year and I wish I could wear them year round!

As I said before, I have very small eyelashes. This mascara primer works amazing for keeping your eyelashes from clumping together and elongating them.

Prior to this year, I never really filled in my eyebrows since I was blonde and my eyebrows were already a lot darker than my hair color anyways. When I went brunette, my eyebrows were actually lighter than my hair color now! This is my favorite eyebrow pencil I have tried so far and will be purchasing again soon.

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  1. My cousin is a consultant for Rodan & Fields. I have used the Unblemish Regimen but it turns out I was allergic to Benzoyl peroxide. I couldn't finish the regimem but I gave it to my brother and it worked so well on him! The products in my opinion don't get enough talk!

    Cat //