Tips on Being a High School Blogger

Monday, October 26, 2015

When I started my blog my junior year of high school, I never thought of the commitment and struggles that came with it. Over a year later, I now understand that blogging, especially in high school, is not an easy task! Balancing 6 hours of school, homework, sports, work, a social life, and blogging can be overwhelming sometimes. Personally, I work two jobs in addition to blogging and I struggle a lot with my time management. For my fellow high school bloggers out there, I feel your struggles! I thought for this post I would team up with some other high school bloggers I've been so lucky to get in touch with to share their tips on how to manage blogging in your high school years.

To be honest, there are a few struggles to being a high school blogger. To start out with, you attend school five days a week for 6 hours a day, during prime picture taking hours. By the time I get home, my makeup/hair is a mess from the time I got ready at 6 am that morning, and sometimes the last thing I want to be doing is getting ready all over again after a long day at school to take pictures of what I wore. For blogging, you need to be motivated. You need to find whatever it is that makes you want to get dolled up all over again to show your viewers how to style the latest trend. For me, my motivation is my future. I've had a "passion for fashion" ever since I could remember, and when the time came to picking a major for college, fashion merchandising seemed like the perfect decision. It is something I can honestly see myself doing for the rest of my life and using my blog to help me. Also, set goals for yourself! Work up to that goal to stay motivated and on task.

Another struggle of high school blogging is that you don't have the money/time to participate in an extravagant loop giveaway or fly to the popular blogger meet-up. And you definitely can't afford to buy every new pair of shoes that are trending at the time. Growing an audience can be frustrating, to say the least. When I first started Preppy & Posh, I did not expect anybody to read it, let alone had no idea what kind of feedback I would get from classmates/friends. I started my blog pretty much as a secret and as an anonymous author. But with my big mouth, that secret lasted about a week and soon enough all of my friends knew about P&P. "Tell others when you're ready," Bella from Chic and Petite tells us. Whether you keep your blog a secret all of high school or let people know eventually, it is up to you! My next tip is to have patience when it comes to growing an audience. It's not going to happen overnight, or maybe not even in a year! I don't have a large audience myself, but there's always time for growth and improvement, so try not to get discouraged. And be proud of what you are doing. How many people in your school are doing what you're doing and putting hours on end into writing a post with your personal thoughts for all the world to see, or taking pictures everyday of what they wore to school? Not many, I can tell you that!

Sticking with a topic will keep your blog looking organized. "Make sure you’re 200% passionate about your topic because if you really commit yourself to your blog, it’ll take up a lot of your time." Emma from Petite Maison of Fashion shares. Blogging can become a part time job if you put all your effort into it. An investment I have personally struggled with is buying a fancy SLR camera. For now, I switch off from a camera to my iPhone 6 camera, both work really well. "You want the resolution to be the best possible for your audience and this will also allow more readers to be attracted to your blog,"  Emma says.

And then there are all those secret "tricks" to blogging. When I first started out, I did not even consider how I would divide my blog life and my social life on social media. That sounds silly, right? What worked for me was having a separate Instagram for my blog, and one for my personal life. Find whatever it is that works for you when it comes to dividing your "double life". I keep two separate Twitter accounts as well, and have one Pinterest that I combine everything into. For Facebook, I created a page that people can like to see my blog.  And social media is your best friend. Emma's helpful tip is "Repin, share, tweet to your heart’s content. However, make sure that what you share relates to your blog!"

Now, you might find it hard to find time to put all your hard work into your posts. My next step is to prioritize. If you take anything from this post, it's this! "Utilize to-do lists and agendas! I would spend two or three hours every Sunday to write all of my posts for the week -- it was super time consuming, but it ended up saving me so much time in the long run," Ashley from Lilly & Lemons shares. Time management is the key to running a blog during your high school years. "If you are going to embark on this adventure, make sure you know full well how to balance the various activities that come with high school. Teachers won’t take 'I was writing a blog post' as excuse for not finishing homework," Paulina from Navy Striped Peonies adds. And most importantly, "do not put blogging before school", Mikayla from A Seersucker State of Mind reminds us. "Be committed to posting 'x' amount of times per week."

And remember, it's okay if you can't post everyday! It's almost impossible to have a post ready 7 days a week while your in school and participating in many other things. "It is important to be consistent with your posts and to have a schedule. School can sometimes be overwhelming and may not provide much time to be able to blog every single day," Mikayla adds. "Remember this is a hobbyUse this creative outlet as often as you can and want; your readers will understand!" It's also an opportunity to make friends! "Engage in the blogging community," Emma advises. "You can ask questions, promote your blog etc. and really get to know some lovely people!"

Most importantly, if you are a high schooler with a desire to start a blog, do it! You might regret not trying this new hobby in your life. Before Preppy & Posh, I did create one blog, but never really followed through with it and only kept up with it for a month. About six months later, I thought I would try the blogging world one more time. After a lot of hard work, I have managed to prioritize myself wisely and be able to grow Preppy & Posh as much as I can! My blog is nowhere near my goal, but I am extremely proud of the progress I have made. The topics for a blog are endless: fitness, fashion, lifestyle, travel, organization, you name it! "I would encourage ANY high schooler with a desire to start a blog to go for it. High school is the time to take risks, experiment, and find out who you are. Blogging will give you an amazing online presence, and boost your marketing, networking, writing, and computer skills," Paulina says. 

"Blogging in high school isn't easy, but that doesn't mean it's not fun too!" Bella says.


  1. I'm also a blogger in high school! Even though I just started my blog, I sometimes find it hard to balance high school and blogging, especially with college applications and the ACT coming up. I really like your post and how you ask other high school blogger's opinions. It's really cool seeing other high school bloggers.

    girl C

  2. Being a high school blogger can be difficult in trying to keep up with everything, but I definitely agree that if you are passionate about it its worth it!:)
    xo, Syd

  3. This post came together so wonderfully! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part! :)

    XOXO Paulina

  4. Such a good post. I love the feedback everyone gave and you wrote such a clear and well thought-out post! Nice job.