Preparing for Prom: The Little Things

Thursday, May 7, 2015

For my final prom post, I wanted to share a checklist that I have found very useful for prom or any formal event! There are a couple things to remember to do the week of prom to prepare. 

A week or two before I like to start whitening my teeth every once in a while. I like to use the One Hour Express strips for this because they work magic after only one use! Especially for me, I like to start taking care of my skin prior to prom. I tend to breakout a lot, so I make sure I am drinking a lot of water and steering clear of french fries and chocolate. Always remember to wash off your makeup and wash your face! The week of prom, I recommend dong a face mask to detox. A favorite of mine is InstaNatural's Dead Sea Mud Mask, which I have mentioned in a previous post! In addition to taking care of your skin, figure out what you are doing for tanning. You have the options of going tanning in a booth, spray tanning, or using a self tanner lotion. A favorite of mine is Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. It comes in different tones and is effective if using it everyday one or two weeks before the occasion, but remember to rub it in all the way to avoid streaky tan lines. 

Whether you're getting your hair done or doing it yourself, remember to wear a sweatshirt or button down shirt (especially if you're getting an up-do!). This is to avoid pulling a t-shirt over your head and ruining your new 'do. If you're getting your hair done, look on Pinterest or prom magazines for a couple hair ideas to show whoever is doing it to make sure you like your hair. In my previous post, I shared a few of my favorite prom hairstyles here.

Set your plans with your friends! Make sure your all on the same page for the pre-prom and post-prom events so there's no worry the day of prom. The day before prom, prepare everything you need for the next day: your purse, a change of clothes, and plenty of room on your phone to take pictures! Something that I have found very helpful to bring to prom is double sided body tape, it's seriously a lifesaver for prom dresses! And remember to have fun :)

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