Hair Care with Pura d'or

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The last time I cut my hair was a year and a half ago (I know, probably not the healthiest thing for my hair!). I cut it to my shoulders and have been growing it out since. Because of this, my hair is pretty dead from not cutting it and adding heat to it sometimes. Today, I'm teaming up with Pura d'or, a beauty line that carries great products, especially for hair. I received there Organic Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and I fell in love instantly after hearing it prevented hair loss (my hair is always shedding!) and had argan oil. These products are great for strengthening your hair and adding volume.

I also received Pura d'or's Pure and Organic Argan Oil. This oil can be used for your body, face, and hair. This oil repairs damaged hair (which is a plus for me!), relieves eczema, creates softer skin, and diminishes wrinkles. I especially liked this to use on my hands because the winter months have made my hands very dry. This Argan oil is basically magic for everything!

Pura d'or offers free shipping on their products to the U.S. To buy Pura d'or products, visit their website here

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