Out with the Old...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As one of my resolutions of 2015, I told myself I would be a more organized person. My room is pretty tiny so it is always a mess. I started the year off with a spotless room and my goal is to keep it that way! In addition to this, I want to really clear out my closet. If you couldn't already tell, I am a serious shopaholic and basically just buy everything. My closet is an absolute mess and I'm running out of places to keep clothes! For this post I want to show you guys some ways to stay organized for 2015!

Organizing your Closet
Everybody does it different, but in my room I have five drawers that holds most of my clothes and a small closet that just has a rod to hang dresses, sweatshirts, and whatnot. Recently, my mom got me a portable rack for my room that has been a lifesaver. It has enough room to hang a good amount of clothes and on the two ends has rods to hang things such as bags, headbands, and jewelry. On the top has a shelf great for stacking scarves and on the bottom a shelf for shoes! The way I like to organize it is by hanging whatever new clothes I have bought recently or clothes I want to wear soon so I don't forget about them while picking out an outfit. On one rod I hang some wristlets and satchels and on the other I hang headbands. On the top shelf, I fold my most worn scarves or anything that is new that can't be hung. On the bottom shelf, I store my most worn shoes so I have easy access to them.

I like to have an order to my closet and I love hearing how different people keep their closets (I know, I'm weird). I've tried it all; from organizing it by color, style/trends (such as boho, basics, dressy, etc.), or by category (jackets, dresses, tops, etc.). Currently, I keep my closet in order by category. One tip I recommend is organizing your closet by how recently you have worn it. For example, once you wear something and it has been washed, keep it in the back. That way, you can see what you wear a lot and what you haven't even touched. It's a good way to help you get rid of some things!

Organizing Jewelry 
For me, it's hard to find a good way to store all my big statement necklaces. I had an open way in my room so I started putting tacks on my walls and hanging necklaces like that. It began to grow and the whole wall is covered in necklaces! It almost looks decorative and you can hang other things like earrings and bracelets as well. Another way to organize jewelry is by sliding bracelets on an empty glass Coke bottle (Pinterest inspired!).

Cleaning Out Your Closet
Cleaning my closet is something that I seriously dread and would take me days to do. Seriously, hearing those words make me scared. Simple things to keep in mind are getting rid of anything that doesn't fit, has a stain, or you just simply don't like or wear anymore. There's a lot you can do with unwanted clothes so don't think you have to throw them away! You and your friends could have a clothing swap and exchange clothes that you all don't want anymore. You could also bring your unwanted clothes to a consignment shop and make money off of them! If it's destroyed, then the only option is throwing it away. I have a really hard time getting rid of clothes, but think about the last time you have worn something. If it was over two years ago, then I think it's safe to throw it away.

Other Ways I'm Keeping Organized
Recently, I got a Lilly Pulitzer planner for the new year. I've always kept one for homework and school but I decided I really needed one to organize blog posts and work stuff. It's really helped and is much better than a simple calendar!

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