Favorite Fashion of 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015!
I hope everyone had a well rested New Years and a fun New Years Eve! I'll say it again, it's crazy how fast 2014 flew by. I have been doing some reflection on the past year and one thing that stuck out to me were the trends of the last year. From faux fur to sporty fashion, the trends in 2014 were a favorite of mine. 

Faux Fur
This is by far my favorite trend of the year. I can't get enough of fur everything! From scarves to vests, I think fur is an essential especially for this time of year. There are endless ways to style the trend and can make any outfit more entertaining.

The Sporty Trend
This trend is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone, but even for me it was fun to experiment with. Specific things I loved about the athletic-comfort trend were joggers (huge this year!), slip-on sneakers, and t-shirt dresses.

Fuzzy Knits
Sweaters are obviously an essential for the fall and winter months, but putting a fun twist on them is what matters. I love the girly touch of this trend and have been seeing it pop up everywhere. It's the perfect replacement for your average simple sweater!

Minimalist Trend
This trend can really work for anyone because it is so basic and can be made your own. It's so easy- a simple v-neck paired with some boyfriend jeans 

Blanket Scarf
Another one of my favorite trends this year/season is the blanket scarf. They are the comfiest things! My favorites are the ones from Aerie; they are worth the price and come in great colors.

Bold Accessories
This year I noticed that no outfit has been complete without an accessory that stood out. Statement necklaces were huge as well as interesting things like headpieces. This trend also always varied in color.

I have been absolutely loving this trend this year! It adds the right amount of girly touch and can be worn simple or over the top.

* all pictures are from Pinterest!

What was your favorite trend this year?

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