How to Achieve Perfect Curls

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hi everyone!
 For today's post I'm so excited to share with you guys this new curling iron. I've always struggled with curling my hair and finding a curling iron that fit me well. I used to always use an hourglass curling wand and I struggled with this a lot. I've had my hair at all different lengths and found it the hardest to use with long hair. Sometimes the curls would come out too tight or would just fall out. I had been too lazy to find another curling iron until I found the Kiss InstaWave. The Kiss InstaWave is a tangle-free curling iron that creates beautiful curls from tight curls or beachy waves. When I first saw this curling iron, I wasn't really sure how my hair would come out. After trying the Kiss InstaWave, I was soooo impressed! I finally found a curling iron that gave me the curls I had always desired and my hair doesn't come out too tight or too loose. I can curl my hair in the morning and it will last all day! Other things I love about this curling iron is that it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes and it instantly curled my hair the way I wanted it after 2 seconds.

In these photos, I used the Kiss InstaWave on my sister. She wanted a wavier look instead of tight curls, so I held each piece of hair for about 4 seconds.

Using the Kiss InstaWave is very easy and you do not need to be a professional to do so. The iron has a Curl Dial feature to turn the curls in a left or right direction.

Place a section your hair on the iron and switch the Curl Dial either left or right. The InstaWave will instantly catch your hair and curl it the way you want it depending on how long you hold your hair there. For my hair, I kept it on the 'low' setting and kept my hair for 3 seconds for every section. 

The Kiss InstaWave can be found at Target, Ulta, & for the United States, and Walmart in Canada. You can also go on their website here.

*Thanks to Kiss InstaWave for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own :)


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