September Favorites

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September has come to an end, and October is here. September was a very busy month for me. I started three jobs and started school! I also got a Macbook Pro, which made me start blogging. Here are some items I could not live without the past month!

Lilly Pulitzer phone case in Multi Tusk: I recently got this phone case this month because my old Speck case broke. Unfortunately because my Speck case broke, my phone screen cracked completely when I dropped it. I got my phone fixed so I needed a new protective case. This case isn't the most protective, but it's extremely cute and matches my Vineyard Vines lanyard for my keys perfectly :) .

VS Pink Water Bottle: I bring this water bottle absolutely everywhere with me! It's 32 oz., which is perfect because you don't have to refill it as often like a Camelbak that's only 20 oz. I always bring it to school, to work, or just with me in my car wherever I go. I usually go through 2 a day.

Tory Burch Sandals: These have been a favorite of mine all summer, so since the warm days are winding down I've been wearing them every chance I get. I bought these in May and have worn them non-stop ever since! They match almost everything and are very versatile. Completely worth the money!

Naked Basics Palette: I've owned this palette for several months now, but haven't really experimented with it until recently. It's my go-to eyeshadow everyday for school and can be worn so many different ways. I've had so much fun looking up different looks on Pinterest with this palette!

Gold Statement Necklace: I got this necklace over the summer for my fall wardrobe for very cheap at Forever 21. Lately I've been wearing gold more than I have silver and this necklace is simple enough to match a lot of my outfits but still adding enough accessory.

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