Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hey everyone,
If you're like me and leave picking out a Halloween costume for the last minute, I'm here to help. Here are some ideas:

This is probably one of the easiest costumes you could create, and the most popular. Wear all black clothing, find some cat ears, and draw whiskers and maybe a nose on your face and you're done! This costume also should require no purchases, since the majority of the costume can be made with stuff you already own.

Victoria's Secret Model
This costume is different and pretty easy to create if you have the right stuff. Find any robe you may own (preferably silk) to throw over whatever you want to wear, curl your hair, and deck yourself out in makeup! Add diamond earrings and some type of simple necklace if you want. For a cheap robe, I would try Forever 21. They have inexpensive, cute robes that you may want for more than just a Halloween costume!

This costume is very easy and will take probably 5 minutes. Wear any plaid flannel you may already own and pair with jeans or jean shorts. Wear boots or cowboy boots if you have them! Cowgirl hat is optional. Plaid shirts can be found at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21!

Serena van der Woodsen / Blair Waldorf
Dressing like you live on the Upper East Side may be a bit more difficult. Think blazers, plaid skirts, knee high socks, boots, pearls, pleated skirts, and headbands! This costume also may be a bit more expensive depending on where you look, but I would recommend trying places like Marshalls or Forever 21 for the cheaper route!

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