How to Pack for Studying Abroad When You’re a Fashionista

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m officially less than a week away from my 4 month adventure to Florence, Italy. It came SO fast. I’m currently preparing to pack my suitcase for studying abroad, something I’ve been dreading ever since I made the decision to go abroad. I’ve read articles on articles and an absurd amount of packing lists since October and there really is no perfect answer on what to specifically bring when studying abroad. And considering I’m a fashion major and don’t even like wearing the same outfit twice, I knew packing would be extra difficult for myself.

Many articles I had read advised how to navigate packing everything you need into one suitcase, but given my obsession for clothes I knew that was not a possibility for me. I am bringing 2 suitcases and paying the extra $$ to bring it because it will be worth it for me because the amount of stuff I want to bring and buy when I’m there. I started the packing process by starting off with the warmer weather clothes that I don’t need at home right now. There was a couple bathing suits and dresses I had purchased recently to wear when I’m abroad (I plan on going to the Greek Islands for my spring break which inspired a lot of resort outfits!) so I started with that. Then I packed the summer staples that I repeat each year: like your favorite go-to pair of jean shorts, the white tank that matches everything, etc.

 Almost every article I had read about studying abroad in Europe wrote that packing heels/wedges would be a complete waste of time due to the amount of walking and cobblestone streets you’ll be walking on. I packed mostly boots, close-toed shoes, and tennis shoes since most of the time I am there will be weather under 60’s and then I packed a few sandals that go with everything. Thank god mules/slides and fashionable sneakers (such as these that I have purchased in the color Light Cyclone for my time abroad!) are in style right now! I packed one pair of wedges that are super comfortable and that I wear all the time for vacations. Shoes was the hardest for me since they are my weakness and I’m attached to each pair, I just wanted to bring them all! Regardless of whatever country you are going to, you will be doing a ton of walking. Think about it, you won’t have your car and your feet are your only way of transportation to class, sightseeing in the city you’re staying in, dinner, etc, unless you plan on renting a bike. I kept this in mind when packing shoes and made sure to only pack the shoes that I know I can last hours in. Thankfully I work retail and know the pain of walking around all day in boots that kill so this was easy to eliminate what to not bring!

When packing, I tried to think of the outfits I would be wearing there. You’ve probably already been told that you will stick out like a sore thumb if you plan on strolling the cobblestone streets of Florence in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Italians dress presentable, even at the airport. This was not really a problem for myself since I am attending fashion school over there, but it is definitely something to keep in mind for traveling. A lot of the stuff I packed were items I could layer and re-wear making different outfits - a lot of basic cardis and tees with some statement jeans/skirts!

Specific items that I purchased for this next semester of travel were vacuum sealer bags for my suitcase, a laundry bag, toiletry bag, two Europe plug adapters (1 for your phone and 1 for your laptop), a travel wallet, portable iPhone charger, and empty travel size bottles for shampoo and conditioner. I also read that rain boots are a necessity for spring in Europe since it will rain a lot. A tip that I had read previously is to not bring anything that you don’t wear currently, which helped me a lot. There’s a lot of things I have saved thinking “oh this will look great in Italy!”, but realistically I will probably wear it one day, take a picture in it, and never wear it again, therefore leaving this item at home. Bring minimal accessories since they are a hassle and you’re more than likely to be buying some overseas. And of course, my Fitbit was a must since I wear it everyday and will be walking around all day everyday so it will be cool to see how much exercise I’m actually getting! Drinking protein powder is a necessity for me and I did research on supplement stores in Florence and it doesn’t look like a reliable options. I plan on buying individual packets of protein and putting some of the protein I already have in a ziplock for once in a while because I hardly get any protein in food since I am such a picky eater.

If anyone has any tips for myself, please comment below!

Hello, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hi friends,
Happy 2018! 2017 was a whirlwind, to say the least. To be completely honest, 2017 was not an easy year for me. Living at college did not work out for me and I was not happy there. Because of the benefits of the program I am in, transferring schools wasn’t an option for me so I commuted to school. There was a lot of things I liked about commuting, but I still do wish I lived at a school that I loved. Many friends that I cared so much about turned out not to be the people I thought they were and I had my heart broken completely unexpectedly. But, the important thing that I take away from a hard year is the growth that came with downs and upsets. I leave 2017 so much stronger than I ever thought I could be and learned the importance of caring for myself and putting myself first like never before. I learned that any friend or boy that hurts you and doesn’t seem to truly care will be sorry in the long run, even if it takes weeks or months. I learned that the best thing to do in a bad situation is keep pushing forward, putting yourself first, and the most important thing is to let yourself let go. I learned that it’s okay and actually very important to allow yourself to grieve and not bottle it up, but it comes a time where you need to pick yourself up and do your best to move on from whatever is hurting you. I learned that I deserve so much more than what I was accepting in friendships and relationships and that one day it will come to me, when I least expect it. I learned to not settle. And most importantly, I learned that time heals everything.

In 2017, I found a job that I absolutely adore and learned more about what I want for myself in the future career wise. I made it a commitment to take care of my body through fitness by making it a passion and obsession. I also made the decision to study abroad this semester (16 days, to be exact). This decision was so out of my comfort zone and looking back I am truly proud of myself for making this commitment. I am a serious homebody, like I did not even like living 45 minutes from home! Commuting was comfortable for me, I was able to see my family and dog everyday and still hangout with my friends from home on the weekends. I was able to keep the job that I love while still going to class. I realized that I shouldn’t be “comfortable” at 19 years old. I should challenge myself and do things that scare the shit out of me and take this once in a lifetime opportunity for myself when I can. I was in such a bad place with heartbreak at the time and I needed to do something solely to better myself and find myself and this was it.

That being said, I am now 16 days away from my semester-long journey to Florence, Italy where I’ll be studying my passion for fashion at Florence University of the Arts. I only know one other girl going, so I really am challenging myself to be as uncomfortable as possible! I’m spending these last couple of weeks in New England working and saving money for my trip and spending time with my family and friends. As you can tell by this post, Preppy & Posh will be a lot more honest and personal than before (again, out of my comfort zone!) and I plan on blogging my travels throughout the next 4 months. I’m attending fashion school so I will still be blogging lots and lots of fashion related content! In the mean time, I hope to make a post about what I’ll be packing and whatever helpful tips I’ve found through the packing process for anyone making plans to study abroad or just travel in general. Stay tuned!

What I’ve Purchased Lately

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! I wrote in a recent blog post that I started working at Anthropologie earlier this year. If you can’t tell by my Instagram outfits, I am a huge Anthro fan! I really enjoy working there and it has definitely taken over my entire closet. I didn’t even intend on making this post an “Anthro haul” and was really just planning on sharing what I bought lately and then I realized it’s literally all Anthro haha. A lot of the stuff I have purchased recently I bought multiples to give as Christmas gifts because they would all make great gifts for the women in your life!

Cinnamon Noir candle: This candle smells like absolute heaven! It smells sweet and sugary without making you hungry, which is always my problem. The pot it comes in is also absolutely adorable! It comes in another scent as well.

Portable phone charger: I grabbed this because I was given the advice that a portable phone charger was an absolute necessity for studying abroad! I was told that your phone battery dies a lot quicker than it does in the US when you’re in Europe and you don’t want to worry about not being able to capture pics. This would make a great gift and the pattern is adorable!

Buffalo Plaid Flutter Sleeve Dress: This dress is so extremely soft and comfortable that it feels like pajamas. I wore this when I worked Black Friday with a black fur vest over it and I was so comfy. This dress would be a perfect gift or outfit for holiday festivities.

Spotted Travel Wallet: I got this for when I study abroad next semester for obvious reasons! It’s great because it can hold your boarding passes/tickets, passport, currency, and other important travel docs all in one so you don’t misplace them and can have them all ready fast. This is a great gift for the traveler in your life.

Shiny Black Turtleneck: While assessing my closet I realized that I’ve neglected purchasing basics this season! I love a good turtleneck that’s on the lightweight side and this is it. The shiny details make it a perfect holiday outfit and it comes in another pretty color I’m crushing on. I plan on wearing this with the fur vest I also purchased at Anthro.

Velvet Burnout Kimono: I have been crushing hard on kimonos lately! Anthro has sooo many cute ones right now it was hard to chose which one I should buy. I love this one because I’ll definitely wear it throughout the spring and summer too.

Fur Vest: I am a big fan of adding a fur vest to almost every basic long sleeve during the colder months. I was iffy about this one at first but it grew on me! I love thats it’s like a cable knit sweater material in the back so it’s not as puffy.

Foot/Hair/Split End Therapy Mask: I purchased these in a kit and I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve heard people rave about them! I’m most excited to use the foot mask because it literally peels off your entire first layer of skin. My feet are pretty rough from running and the gym so I need this. This kit would make a great gift as it includes a nail therapy mask as well.

Pink Turtleneck Sweater: This sweater is everything! I’ve been on the hunt for a pink sweater and I bought this the minute I saw it. It also comes in several other colors, another great gift!

Reversible Eyelash Cardigan: This is definitely my favorite purchase out of them all! I get so many compliments everytime I wear this and it’s just sooo soft. I also love that it’s reversible so that makes the price justified.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Life Update

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being like the worst blogger ever this year! I have been so, so busy and so many exciting changes have been happening. Most importantly, I am officially studying abroad at the Florence University of the Arts next semester! I am SO excited for these next 4 months but also a little nervous. I am currently commuting to college this semester because I was not a fan of living on campus my first year at school. That being said, living thousands of miles away from home is going to be a huge adjustment in Florence! So lately I have just been preparing for this change.

In addition, I thought next semester would be the perfect opportunity to vamp up Preppy & Posh! I plan on blogging my entire experience in Europe and P&P will transform mostly into a travel blog. Obviously I will still be sharing lots and lots of fashion posts over there too since the style in Europe will be so different than back home. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have been posting more fitness related posts lately! Fitness has always been an important routine for me, but lately the gym has become such a sanctuary for me with the stress of a busy schedule. Getting a workout in has become my favorite part of the day and I’ve been very consistent with my routine for almost a year now! (Previously I’d go through ups and downs with my fitness, especially the downs in the summer time.) If you would like to see more fitness related posts on the blog, leave a comment below because I could do that too!

My goal is to remain as active in my time in Florence, I have heard lots of stories about the difficulties of remaining in shape while studying abroad. While I’ve accepted that I might not be as dedicated to the gym as I am currently, I plan on still making it a priority 5 times a week. One of the classes I am taking is called Yoga and Meditation and I’m prepared to be doing lots and lots of walking. Still, I am excited to indulge in tons of pizza, bread, and gelato!

Stay tuned for some gift guide posts soon! Here are some of my recent Insta updates:

These. Shoes. All the heart eyes please! They’re currently not available in the leopard print but they have been on REPEAT lately. For the price, they’re surprising very comfortable and I’ve been getting so many compliments on them. They are still available for 40% off for under $75 in 3 colors!

This jumpsuit is a NEED for the holidays!

Items I’m Crushing On

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

For some reason, shopping for fall is my absolute favorite out of all the seasons! I’m so ready to break out all of my sweaters and boots, but surprisingly it’s still 60-70 degrees here in New England. What are your favorite trends for fall?

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3rd Blogging Anniversary

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hi everyone, long time no talk!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I have been pretty busy with school and work, but will try to post more this school year. I have tried to be active on my Instagram (which you can follow here). Tomorrow is my third blogaversery! Three years ago I was a junior in high school and posted my first blog post under Preppy & Posh (it’s pretty funny to look back and read now!). I have always had such a passion for fashion, but this year was when I decided that it was the path I wanted to take for a college major and career direction. I was working as a sales associate at The Paper Store, which is a chain gift store on the east coast, mainly Northeast. At this job, I gained so much knowledge on the retail industry. I loved reading other fashion blogs, which is what drove me to create one of my own. In high school, I was apart of Nordstrom BP’s Fashion Board, which in short was a place for high school students to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry. One day we were talking about social influencers and how blogging is their career. One of the ladies there mentioned McKenna Bleu, who became my style icon and inspired me to create Preppy & Posh!

Three years later, I now work as a customer associate at Anthropologie (one of my FAVE stores ever!) and am a sophomore in college studying Fashion Merchandising. So much has changed! When I started my blog, I was no where as near confident and open about my personal style and honestly thought about keeping my blog a secret for a little bit. As I said, I’ve always had a love for shopping and style, but I was definitely not one to mix patterns and take risks with my outfits. I pretty much stuck to basics, but still never liked to wear the same outfit twice! Now, my personal style has completely altered and I would describe myself as much more confident than three years ago. Blogging has been so fun for me and has been my way of getting my passion out to the world. Here are some of my outfits and posts I’ve shared over the last 3 years:

my first blog post, I still love this jumpsuit! The headband not so much lol

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Thank you for reading!

NSale Try On

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hi everyone and happy Friday! Today, the Nordstrom sale is officially open to the public and I wanted to share with you guys all the items that I purchased. I also wanted to share with you guys the sizing details and how to wear them! Just for reference, I am usually an XS or S in tops and bottoms, so if I am wearing an XS it runs larger and if I’m wearing an S it runs smaller. Unfortunately, some of the items I purchased have sold out but I’m hoping they restock them soon. 

Item #1: Topshop Stripe Colorblock cardigan ($56.90 originally $85)
Details: This item is sold out right now but fingers crossed it comes back in stock :(. I am wearing a 4 US and wish I got a 2 US because it is very oversized.

Item #2: Hinge block heel bootie ($79.90 originally $119.95)
Details: Comes in 4 colors, I bought the taupe. Size down if you are between sizes, I am wearing a 7.5 These booties are too cute and comfortable! They have a small cut out on the side which I love because it’s not too low and looks New England weather proof! I am thinking about getting the black pair as well.

Item: BP. plaid cotton shirt ($31.90 originally $49)
Details: Comes in 5 colors, I purchased a deep red. Wearing a size XS. Would look great under this cardi that is also part of the sale! The material of this shirt is great because it’s cotton but not too thick.

Item #1: BP. v-neck pullover ($24.90 originally $39)
Details: Comes in 5 colors, I went with ivory. I love this so much more than I thought I would! The fit is just how I wanted. Runs large, I am wearing an XS.

Item #2: Blondo Olivia knee high boot ($189.90 originally $284.95)
Details: Comes in black leather and black suede, I am wearing black leather. I was so happy to find these because I had a pair just like them last year but lost them on a vacation! They are waterproof which is another plus for the winter. The description says they are knee high but I would say they are closer to over the knee. I am wearing a size 8 but they are definitely roomy and the 7.5 was a little too snug. The employee that was helping me out at Nordstrom while I was trying these on said they are extremely comfortable and a great dupe for the Stuart Weitzman boots.

Item #1: Topshop ripped denim jacket ($63.90 originally $95)
Details: The ripped denim jacket trend has been so in lately so I was pumped to see this part of the sale. Topshop sizing can be a little weird so I went with a US 2 (size guide says that it fits like a 0). It fits how I wanted it too, which is pretty fitted. If you want a more oversized look, I would size up!

Item #2: SP Black destroyed boyfriend jeans ($38.90 originally $59)
Details: Okay I was a little unsure of sizing when purchasing these because I’m not use to number sizing lol but I went with a 26 (size guide said it was the equivalent to a 0). At first I was not so sure about these because they aren’t as black as pictured online (they are more of a faded black/dark grey) and fit a little snug, but now I’m obsessed! They fit a little looser than typical skinny jeans, so if you want the true boyfriend fit I would size up.

Item #1: BLANKNYC suede miniskirt ($64.90 originally $98)
Details: Comes in 2 colors (burgundy and a cognac color), I purchased burgundy. I’ve been needing a good skirt for fall and this is it! I am wearing a size 26 and it fits perfectly.

Item #2: Tory Burch Adeline boot ($299.90 originally $498)
Details: Comes in 2 colors, I got the almond color. If there’s one item you buy from this sale, it’s these! They were definitely a splurge for me but I was in need of new riding boots and it was one of the items on my list that I definitely needed. I am between a 7.5 and an 8 in shoes, so I bought both and I’m keeping the 8’s. I am wearing a regular calf size, but they do come in wide calf.

Item #1: The Laundry Room And Then Brunch sweatshirt ($58.90 originally $88)
Details: Wearing size small. I live in lounge clothes so I picked this up right away! Can be worn to bed, to class, to breakfast, or just lounging around.

Item #2: Zella Live in high waist legging ($35.90 originally $54)
Details: Comes in 2 colors (black and burgundy), I purchased the black. I’ve been wanting these for a year now so I finally bought them and they are the best! I am between an XS and a S usually and bought both. Ended up returning the XS because the S fit way better. Can be worn under a sweater/tunic or to the gym.

And I think that’s it! I know it’s a lot but this sale is so good and it’s the best time to save on fall fashion. I rounded up all of my favorite picks from the sale here and all of my favorite activewear here. Have a great weekend!

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